The acting members:

Aarsland (Vocal,guitar,bass)

Aleksey aka Celestial (Drums)

Former members:

Evgeny Slade (vocal)

Darya (violin,bass

(2012 -2015)

The musical collective was created at the end of the 2008th the beginning of 2009 in the capital of Siberia (Novosibirsk), as a part of Ruslan Akimov and Alexey Prolygin, but the name "Devilgroth" was taken along with arrival of the vocalist and author of verses Evgeny Sevostyanov in the 2010th which as it is known wrote the first works in lunatic asylum of "Orlovka" of the city of Voronezh. 

Therefore it is considered to be a date of creation of group 2010. 

In 2012, the Voronezh writer-photographer Vladimir Zapletin published detailed article and a photo the reporting, about psychiatric hospital of "Orlovka" where the vocalist of group Evgeny Sleyd Sevostyanov contained. 

The story has historical character and contains the facts connected with this place, with a mention of Devilgroth and Evgenia group of Sleyd. 

The same year the full-scale album "Deprivasjon Of Frihet" registers.

In 2013 the Free Shooter studio released the short documentary about legendary psychiatric hospital, with Evgeny Sleyd's quotes. Also in the 2013th the album "Krematorium", but without temporarily detached Sleyd was written down. 

Following 2014 the album "Altar". Also not for a long time Evgeny Sleyd joined, the album "Altar" became the last in its activity within group, after record of this album he moves to St. Petersburg.


Today the group consists of musicians of "Aarsland" (Voсals, guitars, bass) and "Celestial" (Drums).